Who is Tim?

Tim Cakir is a growth consultant who helps companies, entrepreneurs and students achieve fast and consistent growth.

Some of his best achievements include helping two startups receiving 1.7 million euros in Horizon 2020 funding, increasing MRR of one startup from $80k to $300k in less than 18 months, and completing projects such as implementation of OKRs, building company dashboards, rebranding, and product launches.


Chief Growth Officer at taskdrive & UberQA
Taught Bachelor and Masters programs at ESEI International Business School Barcelona & Geneva Business School
Mentor at Growth Mentor
Co-Founder of Juno Talent
Former Sound Engineer and Techno DJ
Advisory Board Member at Altrucoin
Ran an underground radio station with 35+ shows




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Topic #1

The GCO Framework: How to prioritize in startups without OKR

OKRs have been all the buzz over the last few years. However, whether you consider a startup, scale up or even enterprise, the OKR framework can be rigid, static and difficult to establish. A lot of companies talk about goals, but no one talks about challenges. On top of that, many companies do not have a system in place to acknowledge ideas and opportunities that team members may have to address, these challenges. This is where Tim's Goals, Challenges, Opportunities (GCO) framework comes in. On your podcast, Tim can talk to your audience about his proven GO framework that can help take your start-up's revenue, profits and growth to the next level by allowing you to focus on the right projects at the right time.

Topic #3

Why growth comes not only from Marketing

The first area that often comes to mind in terms of growth is marketing, That is one of the biggest mistakes that start-ups and scale ups make. On your podcast, Tim can speak to how when thinking about growth, we need to take an all encompassing approach and broaden our limited view of just marketing being a part of growth. Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR: each one of them plays their own role in growth and Tim can show your audience how.

Topic #5

Why growth comes not only from Marketing

If there is a specific topic you would like Tim to focus on during the interview that is not listed here, please do let us know. We would be more than happy to run this by Tim to see if he was able to talk

Topic #2

Data-Driven Approach is BS: Consistent growth comes from being data-informed

One of the most overused buzzwords out there: data-driven. Not only is data-driven overused, but marketers also end up drowning in data when they have too much of it. On your podcast, Tim can speak to your audience about how we need to incorporate more emotion and the human gut feeling into our decision making so that we are more data informed instead of just data driven. In the end, better decisions lead to better revenue, profits and growth.

Topic #4

How to include everyone on your team into growth-focused discussions

Each team member has their own personalities that they bring to work every day. Some are more introverted than others. Some need more help articulating their ideas better. Finally, some just do not feel comfortable within that specific work environment. On your podcast, Tim can speak to your audience about how founders can include their team members into growth focused discussions so that you can tap into the collective intelligence of your employees to help you execute on the company's vision,

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