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The Growth Letter

The Growth Letter is a weekly email sent every Tuesday at 4 pm CET directly to your inbox. The Growth Letter is a weekly newsletter for entrepreneurs, founders & business owners who want to achieve exponential growth. I provide them with one article, tool, a shared post, media, framework and a personal job board.

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The Growth Letter is for leaders, founders and anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally.

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Head of SEO - Vime Digital

"I have been an avid Growth Letter reader since the very beginning, and I have enjoyed every single one of them so far. It's my weekly ritual to disconnect from my tasks for a good 30 minutes after the Growth Letter arrives into my work inbox - and spend the time not just on reading but on actual reflection regarding the tools, approaches and mindsets I've got been using in my recent professional challenges - SEO related and beyond. As a digital marketing expert reading this newsletter makes me feel inspired and helps me boost my growth toolset. Genuinely recommended to anyone striving to continuously get better at what they do.”


Owner at Candid Leap

"I've unsubscribed from 90% of newsletters - not enough value, too much text. Tim's weekly blast is just the length I can digest in my busy schedule running an agency. Tim's emails are optimized to get me nuggets of wisdom and access to resources that are worthy of blocking time to review. Rare." I often end up reading the articles he suggests, and nearly every time I find the Tweet he includes relevant and impactful. #legend."

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